Group Insurance

At Pearce Insurance, we provide services for groups of all sizes to help find the best fit for you.

Employee Benefits should…
• Improve your bottom line
• Help attract and retain quality employees
• Promote the well being of your workforce
• Be in alignment with your company’s culture and management philosophy

The world of healthcare has become very complex. It is now more important than ever to partner with a broker/trusted advisor that is best equipped to explore all of your options and put your company in the best possible position moving forward. Through innovative solutions and best-in-class programs, we help employers reduce cost and bring employee satisfaction to it’s highest levels all while easing administrative burden. We take a holistic approach to ensure that our clients have the best possible programs and cost containment strategies as well as the best service.

Pearce Insurance is a service and advisory organization with a more involved, consultative approach to benefits.  We have a strong local presence and we use our experience and expertise to skillfully negotiate on behalf of our clients to facilitate better renewal results and the most favorable terms.  Each of our Benefit Advisors have more than 25 years of experience in the insurance industry.

Health Insurance

Employers may purchase health insurance policies that are offered to eligible employees of the company. These policies are usually offered to the employees’ family members in addition. There are a variety of companies and plans that are available to choose from.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance policies can be offered by employers or organizations (i.e. associations or societies) to its workers or members. These plans may be offered as term (fixed period of time), or whole (entire duration of life). Some plans may make more sense for one company and its employees than others.

Disability Insurance

A single disability policy that covers a group with common interests may be available through the policy owner. Helps to replace part or all of your income if you become disabled and are unable to work.


Oral and eye health are also important for many employers and their employees. Dental and vision insurance help to cover costs associated with with those services. These plans may be added in addition to the health insurance to give employees more inclusive coverage.


Accident Insurance offers employees and their families some financial help with medical costs when an accident occurs. These plans assist existing coverage by helping cover the out-of-pocket expenses with accidents.

Critical Illness

No one wants to deal with worrying about the financial situations when diagnosed with a critical illness. Critical Illness Insurance can help you and your family have some peace of mind when dealing with some of the toughest times associated with those qualifying illnesses.